Our Approach

Within one of our technical core-competences – namely sheet metal forming and car body engineering – we support our customers amongst others in the development of body components and assemblies, which are suitable for production and are designed most material- and cost-effective. Through our deep going know-how helped by virtual methods (FEM) we assist in accelerating the product developing process and to generate robust production processes.

Technical Consulting

  • long communication channels / complex processes
  • inadequate competence of some suppliers
  • final suppliers have not been defined
  • conflict of interest between supplier and OEM
  • component and assembly needs are not adjusted to each other
  • filter function: only suitable for production components occupy the supplier
  • consequent design-to-cost and design-for manufacturing process
  • reduced efforts for adjusting within the OEM's engineering through less gateways
  • integration of know-how out of research and development
  • faster maturation, lean process, lower costs